Treasure Island Party

May 1945

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A number of USS BUSH sailors are pictured below having a real good time in one of the "watering holes" near the Treasure Island Navy base (San Francisco, California). The picture was taken in May 1945 after their safe return to the States following the loss of their ship.
Happy BUSH sailors at Treasure Island
Front Row (left to right): Joe Enloe- MM1c, Jim Burke-S1c, Richard Buoncristiani*-SM3c, Alfred Kleinfelder-MM2c, Robert Shirey-EM3c

Center Row (left to right): Duard Martin-Cox, Joe Pelnar-PhM1c, Bill Quinn-SM2c, Walter Serviolo-SM3c, Ralph Garnett-CBM, Herschel Northcutt-S1c

Top Row (tallest three, left to right): Harry Tempest-S1c, Raymond Sobszynski-GM3c, Odas "Mac" McKinney-Bkr2c

* NOTE: Buoncristiani was transferred off the USS Bush on August 15, 1944 and was enjoying seeing some of his returning shipmates.

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