"Surviving Officers - May 4, 1945"

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A number of the officers that survived the sinking on April 6, 1945 are pictured below. This photo was taken aboard the USS HENRICO (APA-45), also a kamikaze victim needing to return to the States.

Surviving Officers
From Left to Right:
Top Row:
Ensign Robert Buchanan - Asst. Engineering; Lt. (jg) Hilliard Lubin - Asst. Gunnery; Lt. (jg) Clement Jostes - Asst. Gunnery; Lt. Harry Stanley - Gunnery; Lt. (jg) Edward Havey - Asst. Communications; Ensign Samuel Matich - Asst. 1st Lieutenant

Bottom Row: Ensign Phillip Dodd, Jr. - Asst 1st Lieutenant; Ensign Willis Kinney - Asst. 1st Lieutenant; Lt. (jg) Moses Hubbard III - Asst. Gunnery; Lt. Raphael "Ray" Moses - Asst. Communications; Lt. (jg) Daniel Tontz - Asst. Communications; Lt. (jg) Edwin Earl Sechrist - 1st Lieutenant

Surviving Officers aboard the USS BUSH on April 6, 1945 and not included in the above photo included:

Commander Rollin Westholm - Commanding Officer
Lt. Commander T. B. Owen - Executive Officer
Lt. H. N. West - Communications
Ensign Robert "Bob" Carney - Supply (wounded and aboard the hospital ship USS COMFORT)
Lt. George Johnson - Medical Officer

And "Pacific Fleet Air Support Control Unit" officers temporarily assigned to BUSH to assist with fighter plane direction (and aboard since January 27, 1945):

Lt. James Starr III
Ensign Franklin Butler, Jr.

NOTE: Duties associated with each officer are based on their duties as shown in the Deck Logs for February 1945, the last logs available.

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