"John Hillan - FC1c"

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Part of the USS BUSH commissioning crew of May 10, 1943, then Seaman 2nd Class John Hillan was already an experienced sailor. John's family reports that John had served aboard the destroyer USS BLUE (DD-387). They note that John was injured when the BLUE was struck by a torpedo from the Japanese destroyer Kawakaze on August 22, 1942. The BLUE was on patrol in the Solomons at the time. The BLUE was scuttled 2 days later when attempts to tow her to Tulagi for repairs failed. John Hillan - FC1c
John Hillan - FC1c

Once aboard the USS BUSH, the battle tested and mended John Hillan rose quickly in rating. By the time he was transferred off of BUSH in March 1945 his rating had climbed to Fire Controlman 1st Class.

John Hillan was a very competent Fire Controlman. John's battle station in the months prior to his departure from BUSH had been alongside the ship's gunnery officer, Lt. Harry Stanley, in the main battery director above the bridge. John's best friend, Coy Phillips-FC1c, is thought to have taken John's place in the main battery director upon John's departure. Coy Phillips was lost with the BUSH on April 6, 1945.

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