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U.S.S. BUSH(DD529)

PART V - Damage

A. Own ship

Damage will be treated in three phases, each dealing with damage done by one plane and remedial measures taken:

Plane No. 1 (Carried bomb or torpedo) damage

1. Shell plating starboard side of forward fireroom, forward engineroom, and after fireroom opened to the sea. These compartments completely flooded.
2. Main deck between #1 and #2 stacks on starboard side gone.
3. After engine room forward bulkhead slightly warped. Two rivets out of starboard shell plating.
4. Galley, sickbay, supply office, midship repair locker, radio two, battery locker, and laundry demolished.
5. Forward torpedo mount blown over side.
6. Diesel generator room flooding slowly, bus bars grounded.
7. All power and lighting out.
8. All radio antenna gone.
9. SC antenna blown off and hanging by cable from mast.
10. 5-10 degree list to port.
11. Small fires amidships.
12. Large hole in MWB below waterline.
13. Guns,#2, #3 and #4 jammed in train.
14. 40mm guns #43 and #44 out due to blast damage.

Action Taken

1. Forward bulkhead of after engine room shored.
2. Forward-bulkhead of forward fireroom shored.
3. Diesel generator room pumped out, generator restarted but lines to board grounded.
4. Topside weight removed: gig, torpedoes, provisions stored on platform forward of #1 stack, depth charges.
5. All part of damaged superstructure that could be moved or cut with emergency cutting torch thrown over side.
6. Small fires put out.
7. Maintained communications on JP-JY paralleled.

Plane No. 2 - Damage

1. Started large fire amidships.
2. Destroyed port side of min deck.
3. Destroyed remaining longitudinal strength in ship.
4. Deck winch blown over side.

Action Taken,

1. Fire under control with streams from handy-billies.

Plane No. 3 Believed carrying extra gasoline or incendiary liquid) - Damage

1. Wardroom demolished.
2. Gun #42 demolished.
3. Large fire vicinity crash.
4. Gun #2 on fire.
4. Fire in 4mm clipping room and 5" handling room.
6. Ship settling forward.

Action Taken

1. Got stream of water on fire but could not continue fighting it because of amunition explosions.

B. Damage to enemy.

1. (a) Shot down three and possibly four enemy aircraft: 1 "Judy", 2 "Vals", one unknown.

(b) Three planes destroyed in suicide crashes: 1 "Jill, 2 "Zekes".

2. No remarks.

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