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Al Blakely - SoM2c
Myarl Rose - RdM3c

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Al Blakely, Sonarman 3rd Class and Myarl Rose, Seaman 2nd Class, were part of the commissioning crew of May 10, 1943. Both were still assigned to the USS Bush when the ship was lost on April 6, 1945, though by this time Al was a Sonarman 2nd Class and Myarl was a Radarman 3rd Class. Both were part of the Communications Division.

Myarl Rose - RdM3c:  Al Blakely - SoM2c In Hawaii:

Left: Myarl Rose - RdM3c (sometimes known as the "Only Rose on the Bush")

Right: Al Blakely - SoM2c

The picture of Myarl and Al was taken in Hawaii during the war, though the exact date is unknown.

In his early 30's, Al was one of the older men aboard ship. Al recalls the officers aboard ship being very happy when the ship successfully used sonar to navigate through the Great Barrier reef. In addition to his sonar duties, Al's battle station was as gun captain for the 43 gun (the starboard amidships twin 40MM gun), which was near the spot the first Japanese suicide plane struck on April 6, 1945. After the first plane crashed the ship, the 43 gun was rendered useless. Al helped to lighten the ship by tossing supplies and equipment over the side.

Myarl was helping to man the Radar screen on that fateful 6th of April. He had been asked to make a hurried dash to his locker to get a carton of Lucky Strike cigarettes for the other men with him. The first plane struck while he was returning. He was not hurt, but the cigarettes were forever missing!

Both would survive the sinking and long wait for rescue.

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