"Albert Brody - PhM3c"

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Albert Brody reported aboard the USS Bush on May 18, 1944, while the ship was undergoing repairs at Mare Island. At the time he reported to the ship his rating was HA1c (Hospital Assistant 1st Class). Albert would earn his stripe in short order, being promoted to PhM3c while assigned to the USS Bush.

Along with the others in the ship's Medical Department, Albert Brody assisted in the treatment of injured soldiers and sailors during action in the Philippines in late 1944 and early 1945, in addition to his normal duties regarding medical care for the ship's crew.

Albert Brody - PhM3c
Albert Brody - PhM3c

Albert must have been a natural at his job. His then 7 year old kid sister remembers her brother as a kind and thoughtful person. She notes his dream after the war was "to become a veterinarian, as animals had no one to speak for them and they were vulnerable."

Albert is believed to have been in or near the forward battle-dressing station (the officer's wardroom) when the third plane struck the ship. Along with other damage, this plane demolished the forward battle-dressing station killing and injuring a number of men. The plane was filled with gasoline or other flamable liquid and a great deal of fire was spread across the forward portions of the ship. Albert was severely burned and shipmates tried to help him. Despite these efforts Albert was lost with the ship, but not before telling his shipmates, "Thanks for trying to help me, fellows."

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