"Two Firemen From Wellsburg"

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Pictured at the right are two of Wellsburg, West Virginia's finest. Both were part of the Engineering Division aboard the USS Bush. They are Curtis Walter Sykes and Lon Albert Cunningham, both rated Fireman 1st Class. Curtis is the one on the bicycle's seat and Lon is manning the handle bars.

Lon Cunningham reported for duty on the USS Bush on May 25, 1944 while the ship was undergoing repairs at Mare Island. Curtis Sykes reported July 9, 1944 at San Francisco.

Both men were still aboard the ship on April 6, 1945 and both survived the sinking. The picture is believed to have been taken in 1945 after the two returned home to Wellsburg.

Curtis Sykes-F1c and Lon Cunningham-F1c
Two F1c - Curtis Sykes and Lon Cunningham

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